The multifunctional wood pellet hammer mill can not only smash all kinds of branches, tree trunks, boards of all sizes, slabs, rural waste and wood chips, but also can smash corn stalks, wheat stalks , rice stalks, peanut stalks, soybean stalks, coconut shells, peanut shells and various vine crops.

Small Wood Crusher Machine integrates slicing and crushing. It can cut wood with a chip diameter of 1-20 cm. It can also be used for cutting and crushing fibrous stalk-like materials such as bamboo, naje', Tallo ixi'im, tallo sorgo, and corn cob. Small Wood Crusher Machine is a new type of wood crushing production equipment.

Le máquina trituradora u k'ab che' xan u k'aaba' trituradora k'ab che', ku ts'abal ichil corte yéetel trituración. Le trituradora k'ab je'el u páajtal u ch'ak k'ab yéetel jump'éel metros viruta ti' 1-20 cm. Le trituradora k'ab che' ku meyajtiko'ob chuunil laat'a'an utia'al u procesar pino, Che' Miscelánea, Che' álamo, abeto, Bambú crudo yéetel uláak' materiales.

Wood shaving machine is mainly used for mass production of thin shavings with uniform thickness. It is an automatic wood shaving machine. It includes a frame, a platform placed on the frame, and a knife holder fixed on the platform.

Drum Wood Chipper Machine is a kind of special equipment for producing wood chips, which is widely used in paper making, particle board, medium fiber board, etc. The main raw material is logs.

Le máquina astilladora che' disco le ampliamente utilizada ti' fábricas ju'un, Molinos tableros partículas, Molinos tableros u láaj jo'ochiko'obe' yéetel bases procesamiento astillas che'. Trozas, Che' metros chan, etc. u páajtal ch'ak tu astillas che' industriales yéetel longitud xan, cortes planos yéetel espesor xan, yéetel xan u ch'ak che', Tableros, etc.

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