The bone crusher machine is made of stainless steel and has a food hygiene level. It can crush meat materials such as cattle, sheep, pigs, rabbits, ducks, and fish bones.

Precautions: After the fresh bones are broken with meat, it is easy to cause sticky joints. After a period of use, the broken bones that do not enter the screen will block the knife, so that the newly inserted bone cannot touch the knife and break. It is especially recommended to open the feed inlet and the screen regularly to remove the broken bones. In this way, the cutting efficiency will be higher and the service life of the machine will be longer.

Produk ngagiling leutak tulang mangrupikeun mesin pikeun ngolah bahan cairan.

Ieu integrates rupa sipat homogenizer, ngagiling bal, tilu gilinding, tukang cukur, mixer jeung mesin séjén, sarta ngabogaan pulverization superfine punjul, dispersi jeung emulsification, homogenisasi, campur jeung fungsi séjén.

Sanggeus bahan diolah, ukuran partikel ngahontal 100-200 bolong, jeung homogénitas ngahontal leuwih ti 90%. Ieu mangrupa parabot idéal pikeun ngolah partikel ultrafine.

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