The bone crusher machine is made of stainless steel and has a food hygiene level. It can crush meat materials such as cattle, sheep, pigs, iepuri, ducks, and fish bones.

Precautions: After the fresh bones are broken with meat, it is easy to cause sticky joints. After a period of use, the broken bones that do not enter the screen will block the knife, so that the newly inserted bone cannot touch the knife and break. It is especially recommended to open the feed inlet and the screen regularly to remove the broken bones. In this way, the cutting efficiency will be higher and the service life of the machine will be longer.

Bone mud grinding products are machines for fine processing of fluid materials.

It integrates the various properties of homogenizer, ball mill, three-roller, shearer, mixer and other machinery, and has superior superfine pulverization, dispersion and emulsification, homogenization, mixing and other functions.

After the material is processed, the particle size reaches 100-200 mesh, and the homogeneity reaches more than 90%. It is an ideal equipment for ultrafine particle processing.

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