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Single Screw Extruder

Нэг шураг тэжээлийн экструдер, голчлон загасны үрлэн тэжээл үйлдвэрлэх зориулалттай, сам хорхой,бусад загасны аж ахуй. муурны хоол болон нохойн хоол бусад тэжээвэр амьтдын хоол .
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Нэг шураг экструдер

Зэвэрдэггүй ган нэг шураг экструдер нь энгийн хийсвэр хоол үйлдвэрлэхэд голчлон ашиглагддаг, тэжээвэр амьтдын хоол, загасны аж ахуйд зориулсан үрлэн тэжээл.
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Нойтон хэлбэрийн экструдер

Нойтон тэжээлийн машиныг загас гэх мэт олон төрлийн тэжээвэр амьтдад зориулж үр тариа үйлдвэрлэхэд өргөн хэрэглэгддэг., муур загас, shrimps, хавч,муур,dog and etc.
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Twin screw extruder

Twin screw food extruder can be widely used in many fields of the food industry and is an ideal choice for processing breakfast cereal, snack food, food raw materials, modified starch, pet food and so on.
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Pasta kukure extruder

The kurkure Cheetos production line is have two different type: frying and baking,can choose the type depending on local market.Both dryer can fryer have different option for heating energy, Electric, fuel gas and fuel oil.
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Single Screw Extruder

Full automatic single screw macaroni pasta extruder machine adopts semolina flour as the main raw material to produce various shapes of macaroni through extrusion, curing and mold forming.
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Leading Feed &Food Extruder Manufacturer

Anyang Ainuok Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of extruders. The company was founded in 2010 and is committed to the development and manufacture of food processing production lines with extrusion granulators as the main body. The products Covering animal feed production lines, puffed snacks production lines, artificial rice productionlines, macaroni production lines,Cheetos machine production lines, drawn protein production lines, and other foods. After 13 years of development,it now has a modern industrial park of 11,000 square meters, and has the creative ability to produce and sell more than 350 sets of various production lines annually.

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