The vertical mixer is a special mixing machine, which can be used in conjunction with the noodle machine, the noodle machine, and the cold noodle machine. It can also be used for mixing and mixing other bulk powders.

Its characteristics are simple structure, convenient maintenance, high production efficiency, uniform mixing, which can improve the production efficiency of noodle cutting equipment and improve the quality of noodles.

This machine mixes flour with different moistures, has strong adaptability, compact structure, uniform dough mixing, convenient noodle pouring, low energy consumption, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

Horizontal mixer is a machine that uses mechanical force and gravity to uniformly mix two or more powder materials.

The dry powder mixer can mix a variety of materials into a uniform mixture; it can also increase the contact surface area of ​​the materials to promote chemical reactions; it can also accelerate physical changes. For example, the granular solute is added to the solvent, and the dissolution and mixing can be accelerated by the action of the mixing machine.

The horizontal mixer is composed of a U-shaped container, a spiral ribbon mixing blade and a transmission part. U-shaped long cylinder structure, the mixed material (powder, semi-fluid) moves in the cylinder with small resistance. The positive and negative rotating spiral strips are installed on the same horizontal axis to form a low-power hybrid environment.

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