The octagonal seasoning machine is designed with an octagonal shape, which avoids the disadvantages of the round ball mixing barrel not turning over the raw materials and uneven mixing. The powder mixer can realize the automatic mixing function, so it is also called the “drum-type food seasoning machine”

The star anise seasoning machine is used to season various fried and non-fried foods, spraying powder and syrup evenly. The mixer is safe, sanitary and easy to clean. It adopts reduction motor and gear transmission, so that the fried food is not broken.

Continuous seasoning machine is used for seasoning food in the food production process.

This equipment has an inclined seasoning drum, which automatically controls the speed and material capacity, and is suitable for continuous seasoning operations in the assembly line.

Equipped with a screw powder feeding device, and can stir autonomously while sprinkling the powder, so that the seasoning will not be deposited, bonded, and emptied due to different specific gravity, return to halogen, and formation.

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